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"Hornet Juice has been amazing. I actually placed another order last week so I can't wait to get it. Lots more energy and your energy lasts so much longer. Great product."
Stacey Newman
Milton, Ontario, Canada

"Well I started using Hornet Juice about a month ago and beat my last year's record in St.Albans Review Half Marathon by 11 minutes (1hr 56 minutes). I felt like I was floating on air while running and felt great with no pain afterwards. It provided me with constant energy whereas last year I was exhausted during and after the race."
Kurmang Rashid
Hertfordshire, UK

“Hornet Juice helped me by giving me more energy after 2 hours of hard cycling. It helped in my races by reducing my lactic acid build-up in my legs."
Blair Palmer
Winston-Salem, NC, USA

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